Arne Wastyn

Arne Wastyn (1993) is an artist who lives and works in Antwerp. In this fast going world, which is hard to perceive, he uses his work to get a grip on human nature and the violence that surrounds us. In our culture with an inflation of images, Arne uses drawings and photographs in order to get an understanding of the human ratio between the rational and irrational. He plays with the meaning of images by overthrowing them in order to create surprising, eerie combinations. For example in his publication 'Angling Ways' where in he combines victims of shark attacks and angling illustrations.

With an urge to produce he makes numerous prints, drawings and publications.



Books Made Public, Eden booklaunch / group exhibition, Cinema OFF off Gent, 2018


Redirecting Images, group exhibition, Geuzenhuis Gent, 2015


Witloof Tweede Keus, group exhibition, In de Ruimte Gent, 2015


Overweldigend Geweldadig 2, group exhibition, Zwarte Zaal Gent, 2014